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On January 5, Federal Judge Stanley Chesler of the District of New Jersey, where Singh lives, granted the government's request to revoke Singh's citizenship, reverting his status to a green card holder and potentially subjecting him to deportation, the Justice Department announced Tuesday.

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The judge's order came after Singh failed to respond to the Justice Department's denaturalization complaint and subsequent request for a summary judgment, according to court documents. The Justice Department said the case was the first to result from Operation Janus, a Department of Homeland Security probe that identified , immigrants whose fingerprints were missing from government databases.

The immigrants faced deportation or were criminal fugitives and "some may have sought to circumvent criminal record and other background checks in the naturalization process," the Department said.

A audit by the Homeland Security Department's inspector general first disclosed the missing fingerprint data and found that the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services had mistakenly granted citizenship to at least immigrants facing deportation. The immigrants used different names and birth dates to apply for citizenship, according to the audit. The inspector general criticized Immigration and Customs Enforcement for failing to investigate the apparently fraudulently naturalized citizens but said the agency was "now taking steps to increase the number of cases to be investigated, particularly those who hold positions of public trust and who have security clearances.

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The pace of the investigations appears to have picked up over the past year, with the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services reporting a "growing body of cases" to the Justice Department.

Operation Janus

Last year, the Justice Department filed 25 civil denaturalization cases and 57 criminal cases, according to a department spokesman. The U.

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  8. Chad Readler, the acting head of the Justice Department's Civil Division, said Singh had "exploited our immigration system and unlawfully secured the ultimate immigration benefit of naturalization. The government is also seeking the denaturalization of two Pakistani nationals who are accused of concealing deportation orders from immigration officials. In recent years, the number of denaturalization cases has been in the dozens, according to Frost.

    But Operation Janus suggests that the government is "putting more resources into this than it did before," Frost said. But a landmark Supreme Court decision in , Afroyim v.

    How Trump Is Stripping Immigrants of Their Citizenship

    Singh naturalized under the name Baljinder Singh on July 28, Singh has been residing in Carteret, New Jersey. Justice News Department of Justice. Tuesday, January 9, Topic s :.

    Component s :. Civil Division.

    Citizenship vulnerabilities

    Denaturalizing an individual is initiated by the government through the federal district courts. In the past, it was seldom utilized except in extreme cases like in denaturalization of former Nazis who lied about their past to illegally procure naturalization.

    In , Operation Janus was launched by the Department of Homeland Security and identified individuals who had prior removal orders or criminal convictions but were able to naturalize. Now, the current administration is planning to refer 1, more cases to the Department of Justice for denaturalization. Fil-Am judge cleared of criminal charges fighting to keep her job. Thereafter, the case will be filed with the federal district court having jurisdiction over the residence of the immigrant being stripped of citizenship. When the case is filed with the court, the naturalized U.

    3 types of immigrants at risk of being stripped of U.S. citizenship | terpaparpertgtip.ga USA

    Note that this is a judicial process and only a federal judge may strip one of U. There is due process involved and a right to a hearing. If a citizen is denaturalized, most probably this individual will be put in removal proceedings.