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Chuck Bowen Mar 22, Robert Budreau strip-mines the life of an amazing musician for the purpose of mounting yet another comeback story. User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews.

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Lyn Apr 6, Subtle, understated and bleak, this is another story about the intersection of music and addiction. It doesn't quite paint a complete picture of either, in Chet Baker's case.

Born To Be Blue Lyrics

But Ethan Hawke gives his usual stellar portrayal of nervous energy, insecurity and underlying pain. A brief view of Subtle, understated and bleak, this is another story about the intersection of music and addiction. A brief view of his family back in Oklahoma hints at the origins of all those Haunting though it is, I don't think the music in the film matches up to Baker's. But its greatest achievement might be sending people to Baker's recordings -- or at least to YouTube -- which I promise you will be a beautiful, if melancholy, experience.

Spangle Oct 15, Far from your typical musical biopic, Born to Be Blue tells the tragic tale of jazz legend Chet Baker. Plagued with heroin addiction, but blessed with a musical gift, Baker is a truly tragic figure brought to life by Ethan Hawke. With a knack for telling a quality story that adequately Far from your typical musical biopic, Born to Be Blue tells the tragic tale of jazz legend Chet Baker. With a knack for telling a quality story that adequately blends Baker's earlier days with the beginning of his resurgence, Born to Be Blue manages to feel wholly unique in its biographical approach to a story that is largely pretty typical in the musical biopic subgenre.

In all of these films, a talented musician cheats on his women and does drugs to the point of being a hopeless addict. Scenes of adultery and drug use are juxtaposed with that musician turning in tremendous performance after tremendous performance. The end result is a heart wrenching look at the marriage of abuse and talent.

Born to Be Blue: Ethan Hawke on the fast life and mysterious death of Chet Baker

Born to Be Blue touches on a lot of these same notes, but is largely quite unique. With flashbacks taken from a film about his own life done by Baker Hawke put shoulder-to-shoulder with scenes from the "modern" day of Baker making his comeback, the film's narrative never feels stale. Instead, its focus on his drug abuse feels largely in-reflection as he tries to move past it. Yet, at the same time, it shows the siren call of the drugs and the feeling of inadequacy that haunts musicians who have convinced themselves they need the drugs to perform.

Chet Baker - Born to Be Blue

While he most certainly still battles drug use in the "modern" day, the musings and explanation as to why it is addictive beyond it being just naturally addictive to talented musicians elevates Born to Be Blue above classic musician biopics. It does not just show him using drugs, which would be deeply affecting on its own. Instead, it takes it a step further and shows him doing drugs, while explaining why he uses them, which practically rips your heart out. In the lead role, Ethan Hawke is tremendous.

I do not know if it was his real singing voice I assume the trumpet was not him, maybe I am wrong , but he was terrific.

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Even if none of the music was him, his performance was still terrific. He really brings Baker to you and makes you feel empathy for him as you watch his downfall, rise, and self-medication. From his portrayal, Hawke makes the viewer root for Baker, even if you know he will trip and fall over-and-over again. Visually, the film is very good. With lush blue hues touching many of the shots, Born to Be Blue imbues the film with the sadness and heartache felt by Baker.

As he performs, the film is most prominently covered with blue, showcasing how something that should bring him so much instead brings so much agony given the self-doubt and addiction that haunts him as a result. The jazz music score itself even proves quite haunting at times with solemn notes accompanying many scenes.

Newborn Appearance

As a whole, Born to Be Blue is a pretty good film with a killer lead performance from Ethan Hawke, as well as terrific use of color and a unique approach to a well-trodden tale of drug abuse by musicians. BHBarry Apr 12, This is the story of Chet Baker, the famous jazz trumpeter who in the mid 20th Century captivated jazz audiences and fellow musicians until his consumption with heroin destroyed him.

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Her talent proves to be both a blessing and a curse, however, bringing her opportunities and, at the same time, magnetically pulling her into a world where fellow musicians use drugs and sex to heighten their performance. The protagonist's serpentine narration often picks up characters then drops them just as abruptly, mirroring Janie's treatment of others.

Some of the developing relationships—her reunion with Harmon and her interest in a gifted songwriter, especially—demonstrate Janie's inability to connect with others to chilling effect. But other examples feel gratuitous once her pattern of behavior is established.

By the time readers reach the novel's conclusion, they will have gained an understanding of the tragic heroine's fears, desires and warped perception of family, but Janie herself remains hauntingly elusive, adding to the impact of the book. The question of whether or not Janie will break her cycle of abuse remains unanswered, yet young adults mature enough to bear the story's intensity will also likely recognize the characteristics of this deeply troubled girl from their own communities.

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