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Things get darker in this book. Actual murder is done. Olaaf repeatedly threatens the children with a knife and with death. As the books progress there is a slow progression toward the cartoony and surreal. In this book though the action is still largely believable and the world recognizably 'real' - only the bizarre reptiles referred to in the reptile room take us toward make-believe, and only Sunny's contribution in 'biting rope into shorter lengths' takes us toward cartoony.

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This is then, a well written and entertaining book that establishes a formula LS proceeds to beat to death every book hereafter at least as far as we've read. Fortunately LS's skills mean that this isn't as painful experience as one might think. Join my 3-emails-a-year newsletter prizes …. View all 5 comments.

Mar 25, emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: dark , owned , auto-buy-authors , reviewed , recommend , children-s , reread , beautifully-written , that-setting-tho , 5-stars. I love Uncle Monty.

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I love his coconut cake. I love the Incredibly Deadly Viper. It is unusual for me to be so teeming with love. I may overdose, or my body might reject the chemical reaction in my brain, or something. The Bad Beginning is so great, but it is only a fraction of the level of Varied, Full Detail this series will reach.

This book kind of hints at it. Which is why my rating for this book is like, a 4. Well, generally. Not exactly.

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The Wide Window is not as good as this book. But whatever; you get what I mean. I am more excited to reunite with these books than I am to do so with most friends and family. Priorities, people. View 1 comment. I liked this book better than the first just because I loved how Uncle Monty was with the kids. Uncle Monty was a great character too. But alas. The end was sad of course! View 2 comments. I love this book a lot more than the first one. I think the first book is just introduction to characters, and this one Violet especially begins to establish herself as a character which I LOVE.

Also, this one remains one of the most upsetting. I'm excited to see some of these moments play out in the show which we can now watch?? Oh my god?? Onto book 3! View all 3 comments.

A Series of Unfortunate Events #2: The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket (Part 2)

Jul 21, R. Gold rated it it was amazing. I really love the creative simplicity of these books. Not only with the language but the locations and the occupations and the divide of good and evil. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise as you try to readjust the way you thought of things. The Baudelaire orphans were crying not only for their Uncle Monty, but for their own parents, and this dark and curious feeling of falling that accompanies every great loss. For once, I wished this was a series of fortunate events, because I would have loved to see the orphans settle down with him!

Anyway, another lovely book, made me laugh just as much as the first one. I am having so much fun with this series! Wow, this series tanked hard - and so damn soon after a great first book! I kinda expected it to dip in quality gradually, like every series does at some point, but so quickly and by so much in just the second book?

So the orphaned Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny, are sent to a new distant relative to stay with. Then Count Olaf appears and the same charade from Wow, this series tanked hard - and so damn soon after a great first book! And boy does that swiftly get tedious when nothing else is happening! But for the most part The Reptile Room was an immensely boring and worthless addition to the series.

Hopefully the next book picks up by cutting out the filler and actually having a semi-compelling story! The book tells the story of the Baudelaire orphans, as they are sent to live with a distant relative named Montgomery Montgomery. The villainous Count Olaf arrives in an attempt to steal the children's inheritance, killing their guardian but failing to steal the fortune.

It's a cool, cloudy gray grim day It's 25th January.. One of them, I read this book now in ebook format.. The book store that used to give us huge discounts as source of happiness for many changed its policy dramatically.. Well, as I said It's a cool, cloudy gray grim day Well, as I said in book one's review , "Who sees the Unfortunate Events of others feel solace about his own Unfortunates" , let's back to the Baudelaire's Series of Unfortunate Events View all 9 comments.

Jan 03, Kate GirlReading rated it really liked it Shelves: middle-grade. This series is already frustrating me so much. Why does no one listen to the kids? How is Mr. Poe allowed any responsibility? Poe so entirely incompetent? How can I stop becoming physically tense with infuriation every time Mr. Poe is mentioned? Will these kids ever get a break? Is the next book going to terrify me half to death like the movie did? It's the leeches isn't it?

It has to be the leeches. I'm certain the leeches must be coming I'm infuriated, addicted and loving it.

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I This series is already frustrating me so much. I love how messed up and dark it is and its dark humour is continuously surprising me. I'm so ready for the next book. I just need to find it somewhere as I wasn't anticipating to enjoy this as much as I am and only picked up the first two books in a charity shop Dec 07, Kennia rated it it was amazing. This ending tore my heart! Each book only gets better. I probably loved this one more than The Bad Beginning, if that's even possible. I have to say, Sunny had her shinning moments in this book and is quickly becoming my favorite character!

She's just so adorable! Snicket's commentary throughout this book was awesome and so hilarious!

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And his writing is so poetically magnificent! I am in love with his writing. The way he pauses his storytelling to describe the metaphors he uses. He does so many awesome quirky things. View all 4 comments. This definitely took me longer to read this than I expected but I still loved it!!

The Reptile Room

I was actually liking this one a lot more than the first one right up until the unfortunate event. The unfortunate event was indeed unfortunate but that's not what made me stop liking it as much.

I felt it got kind of boring and it dragged out. I did still love the writing and the majority of the storytelling though. What I found interesting though is how this Lemony Snicket storyteller keeps explaining words to his readers when in the story the adults do it but the children always 3. What I found interesting though is how this Lemony Snicket storyteller keeps explaining words to his readers when in the story the adults do it but the children always know what it means and it shows how the adults belittle the orphans. So either Lemony Snicket is also belittling his young readers, he's doing it to be ironic or he's doing it because it's actually quite helpful.

If I had to guess, I would say he's being ironic. Lemony Snicket paints a bad picture of adults in these books and even though this Lemony Snicket person is telling the story with compassion and sympathy, at the end of the day he is an adult and adults are incompetent people who don't listen to children and belittle children.

I thought it was quite sweet for Snicket to explain what a word means.